vendredi 16 décembre 2011


Planet of Origin: Griffoth
The Graske and Groske are a diminutive sentient humanoid species with  three tentacle-like features on their heads. Graske have  with  pebbly brown skin while groske have blue skin. There seems to be a dislike between the two group.
Mischevious by nature, they possess advanced spacefaring and timefaring technology and are also known to have had conquering pulses at some point in their history. When invading a planet, they switched inhabitants of a planet with artifiical changelings. The originals were then stored on their homeworld in stasis chambers in order to maintain the copy. It is beleived they tried so to invade Earth at some point but were thwarted somehow.
Troglodytes, they shared their homeworld with dangerous predators and lived in the caverns, hollowing out tunnels which were connected by airlocks with puzzles.

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