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Planet of Origin: Androma
The Hurr are a humanoid species which developed a space faring civilisation in the late 22nd century and became members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds and later the Interstellar Alliance. As a society it is very intolerant, factionalized and thoroughly male-dominated. Female Hurr are considered by their society to be inferior in all ways and are restricted to childbearing and to providing pleasure and company to the males. They have no right to vote and marriage is considered the pinnacle of social achievement for a female. There is a budding feminist movement on Androma but given the nature of the civilisation, any change will be extremely slow and difficult.
Economic disparity within the civilization itself is rampant and there is a significantly large class of Hurr who live in abject poverty while the middle class is typically much smaller and the number of the wealthy elite is extremely small indeed. As is to be expected in this kind of situation, crime and political corruption are rife and crime lords work hand in glove with the government. Most Hurr live in the cities which are constantly suffering from overcrowding. Few Hurr live in rural areas but these are becoming more and more scarce. Hurr generally prize wealth, power and comfort above all else.
The Hurr are not a particularly spiritual people and religion is not considered to be that important to most of them. However, those that do follow a particular faith worship one of three male gods; Bron, Rikay and Skartu. Bron is by far the most popular, being a god of chaos and patron of gamblers. The teachings of the god Rikay on the other hand, preach a more conservative way point of view, urging for moderation in all things. The god Skartu is an avenging god with strict rules of behaviour and as such very few Hurr follow this faith.
Source: Babylon 5, episode The Quality of Mercy

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