jeudi 16 janvier 2014


In 1940, science-fiction art pionneer Frank R. Paul did pieces showing what life could be on other planets. In his own words:

(Speaking of Europa) This member of the Solar System is only a bit smaller than Earth' Moon. Science knows little about it, and thus, lacking conclusive observation, our artist picture its life in imaginative style.  
The city of Oor, on Europa, is built in plastics. Transparent and opaque plastics make this wonder city of resazt science. Transportation is by meand of giant domesticated insects.

Paul depicts  insectoid humanoids covered with chitin armor as the main sentient species of a planet which also has deometicated giant centipedes and bee-type flyers as well as some saurian lifeforms.

Note that another picture informs us that the planet has large bodeies of water on which Ether-Ship may navigate. (The following picture comes from Please visit his awesome site! )

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