vendredi 31 janvier 2014


Planet of Origin: Unknown, in the Milky Way Galaxy
The Volge are a sentient  red skinned humanoids over 8 feet tall whose bodies secret a highly resistant organic armor as well as organically powere their bionetic Cold-fire weapons. Volge do not process oxygen very well and require their armor to provide them with some protection. They are believed to reproduce with clone-like offspring through their DNA and might be an enigneered species.
Subterranean by nature, they live in colonies and come to the surface for warring purposes and have developed a very warlike civilisation.
It is unknown from which planet the Volge originate but they made it to the Votanis System some thousand years ago and landed on the planet Omec whose native population they wiped.
As of 5000 years ago, when their system underwent a stellar cataclysm, they were deliberately left behind as all the system's population fled in large interstellar arks but but some of them managed to get aboard.
Source: Defiance TV series.


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