samedi 25 janvier 2014


Planet of Origin: Irath,  a planet with two moons, one of which was habitable, oribiting the star Vysu in Votanis star system in the Milky Way Galaxy, which they shared with the Liberata and the Sensoth. Irath's sky has a red color to it and may have had a higher concentration of Nitrogen then Earth does
Irathients are a humanoid species that looks much like naturally althetic humans with broad and flat nasal bridges, reddish skin usually red hair.
They have developed a proud, tribal civilisation centered in their spiritual beliefs very closely to the natural world. into tribes and are often perceived by outsiders as aggressive. Their spiritual beliefs are made up of three idealized parts of the body: the Gyabire (the brain) the seat of intellect; the Gyagbe (the heart) the source of vitality; and he Gyargye (the stomach) the house of emotion.
As of 5000 years ago, they  fled their homeworld along with all the other species when their system underwent a stellar cataclysm.
Source: Defiance TV series.

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