samedi 11 janvier 2014


The so called monsters are creature which appeared on Earth after a deep space probe crashed in Mexico. They started to spread along the US Mexican border, leading to the quarantine of the northern part of the country.

 The creature look like 15 to 20 meters bioluminescent amphibious octopi with no suckers on their tenctacles standing on a set of 4 legs crustacean in shape but looking like they are covered with heavy skin rather than chitin and which enables them to walk on solid ground.

The creatures somehow  lay their eggs in trees near bodies of flowing water, with their larva somehow using the rivers' currents to go down to the ocean where they mature before coming back to land to lay new eggs. Efforts by the military to destroy the forest and stop the creatures propagation was met by violent response by them. Although the level of intelligence of theses aliens remains unknown,  they seem to have the instinct to protect theire eggs and are able to communicate amongst themselves by using a combination of sounds and luminous signals.
Source: Monsters (2010) by Gareth Edwards


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