dimanche 26 janvier 2014


Planet of Origin: Oannes (also known as P3X-866), one of the three moons orbiting a gas giant in the Milky Way galaxy. 30% of the planet's surface is covered by a salty sea and has five major oceans.
The Ohne are a semi-aquatic humanoid species whihc developed a peaceful civilisation on their homeworld. They have a lifespan that lasts 5,000 years and their young reach maturity by the age of 200. Their society is divided into castes; the two primary ones being the Warrior caste and the Scholar caste.
The Ohne homeworld was invaded millenia ago by the Goa'uld  and the Ohnes driven away from their ocean-born cities by bombarding the seas from orbit while slavers waited on the surface to capture the fleeing inhabitants who were transported as slaves to ships in orbit. The Ohnes soon overwhelmed their captors, forcing the Goa'uld to self-destruct their vessel, slaughtering thousands of Ohnes while, on the Ohne homeworld, the Ohnes were launching a counterattack thatquickly routed and the Ohnes retook their world.
The Ohne possess advanced memory manipulation science but do not appear to have developed spacefaring technologies.
Source: Stargate universe, (SG1: "Fire and Water")

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