samedi 18 janvier 2014


In 1940, science-fiction art pionneer Frank R. Paul did pieces showing what life could be on other planets. In his own words:

In this imaginative painting, artist Fran R. Paul has pictured his conception of the possible life forms that may inhabit Titan, the larges of the satellites of Saturn. Titan is larger than our moon, but how much larger is not definitely known. Some scientists beleive that Saturn itself, a huge world, still retains enough heat of its own to radiate to its satellites, and thus make it possible that they support life forms. Mr. Paul imagines Titan as a primitive world, inhabited by monster lizards and dinosaura. A world of swamps and ferocious beast and giant plants.

Paul also depicts the planet being the home of a yellow and black humanoid species which seems to have attained at least to an advanced industrial stage, being able to build the tall skyscrapers that filled the Golden City of Titan..

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