lundi 27 janvier 2014


Planet of Origin: Irath,  a planet with two moons, one of which was habitable, oribiting the star Vysu in Votanis star system in the Milky Way Galaxy, which they shared with the Irathients and the Sensoth. Irath's sky has a red color to it and may have had a higher concentration of Nitrogen then Earth does
Liberata are a humanoid species shorter than humans with large whiskers on their face and four fingers on their hands ans feets. They breathe Nitrogen and can be poisoned by oxygen.
Once a war mongering people, they were subjugated by the Castithans, turned into servitude. Once economically powerful,  political missteps reduced them to a caste of minions. Humble and generous by nature, they see their social status among the other races as punishment for crimes of their ancestors.  They have a polytheistic religious system grounded in the here and now of life. A lot of their rituals and practices are been borrowed  from the Sensoth and the Irathients.
As of 5000 years ago, they  fled their homeworld along with all the other species when their system underwent a stellar cataclysm.
Source: Defiance TV series.

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