samedi 1 août 2009

THE 456

The 456 are aliens named after the radio frequency they are using to communicate with mankind, and with whom the British Government secretly negotiated in 1965 and again in 2009. In 1965, they extorted twelve children in return for a cure to an Earth-bound virus which was about to mutate.
In Spring 2009, one member of the species demanded that 10% of the world's children were to be given as a gift, or else the entire human race would be wiped out, presumably by viral warfare. After 5 days of negociations, when the governements were about to give in, they were defeated using radio waves when the frequency of one of their previous transmissions was reversed and turned it into a weapon against them, driving them away from Earth.
The 456 stand around two meters in height, its body consists of three "heads", connected to one body via three long necks. They thrived in an atmosphere made up of 25% nitrosyl chloride, 22% hydrogen chloride, 20% nitrogen, 12% fluorine, 9% hydrogen cyanide, 6% acetone, and 6% phosgene. They are known to emit a viscous green fluid in moments of high frustration; but it remains unknown if this is a natural reaction or a side effect of drug use.
The 456 is known to incorporated the bodies of human children into its own because of a chemical they produce that they use like a drug, the reason for which they wanted human children. According to the 456 themselves, these children 'feel no pain', and 'live long beyond their natural span'. Over a 45 years period, a children used by the 456 did not appear to have physically grown, although they are wizened perhaps mutated in some way and appear to be aware of their surroundings and their own condition; they breathe using respirators. It remains unknown if the behaviors of the 456 who came to Earth represents that of the whole species or isolated specimens.
Source: Doctor Who universe, Torchwood Season 3, First appearance "Children of Earth: Day Three", Doctor Who Wikia.

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