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Planet of Origin: The Planet Namek (Namekusei) is in a trinary star system.
The Nameks are an advanced species looking somewhat like green skinned humanoids with antennae. Photosynthetic, they can sustain themselves on water and sunlight. Their blood color is purple. Tehir thick skin is capable of shielding them from extreme drops in temperature, the ability of healing themselves and regenerating body parts instantly, as long as their brains are intact. A Nameks' body and limbs are also extremely flexible. They can elongate their arms and legs at will. With considerable effort, they are even able to grow many times their size. Nameks acheive maturity in a matter of 3 to 5 years but can live for hundreds of years showing only minimal apparent aging.They are genderless and reproduce asexually by spitting out an egg. The parent has some control over the genetic make up of his offspring, thus avoid making perfect genetic copies of himself. Nameks are telepathically linked to their offspring and can reach them from seemingly anywhere, as well as sense their deaths.
Nameks demonstrate much stronger sense of hearing and intuition than humans. Like Saiyans, Nameks are more adept at manipulating ki than humans, granting them superhuman strength and speed, as well as the art of flying and the ability to shoot concussive blasts. They also possess some Telekinesis and telepathy. They can create objects out of thin air.
Some nameks have demonstrated the ability to manipulate the very soul of beings, preventing souls from going to the afterlife, forcing them to remain in limbo and to incarnate their own soul into another being, essentially possessing them. It is also likely that in Namek fission, the soul is shared between the two new Nameks.
Nameks are able to permanently fuse themselves with other members of their race. When this is done one of the Nameks serve as the base and gains the skills, memories and many of the personality traits of the other. It is unknown what happens to the soul of the fused Namek, but it is hinted that the other soul simply remain with the body until it perishes, or that, at least, the personality and memories are, to some extent, present within the host being.
A single Namek can also split into different copies of himself. Both copies are then able to read each others thoughts, and if one dies the other would as well. However, if one half were to die and give life to another Namek, the other half would remain intact.
Nameks are philosophical warriors, being broadly divided into two classes: fighters and healers. They had developed a space-faring civilisation but did not seem to have had any exapnsionnist ideas.
A generation after a planetwide cataclysm left only about 100 Nameks alive on their homeworld, The Namek planet was destroyed by the interstellar dictator Frieza. The survivros were transported to Earth before resettling on New Namek.
Source: Dragon Ball created by Akira Toriyama.

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