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Planet of Origin: Valeth Skettra
The Valetheske are vicious nomadic carnivore species who developed slower-than-light space technology and built a small interstellar empire a billion years ago. They are furry bipeds, vaguely humanoids, with strong ressemblances to terran fox and strogner than most humans. All their behaviors are motivated by the urge to hunt and reproduce. Their development was loosely shephered by the much more advanced Khorlthochloi who in the end wiped them through a specially tailored virus as they believed them to aggressive. The few survivors rebuilt they could of their culture, and, in cryogenically induced susprended animation, set out on a quest hunt to find and destroy the Khorlthochloi, whom they previously worshipped as Gods.
A ship on a such a mission was encountered by mankind on the human colony of Eknur IV in 2994. They devasteted the planet and left.
On their homeworld of Valeth Skettra, while most were turned hunters, but there were also farmers of cattle animals used as prey a cast of technicians and scientists, whom the majority of the Valethske distrusted, but tolerated because they provided them with the technology necessary for their expansion. They were responsible for the development of space technolgy, wepon technology, cryogeny and the synthesis of artificial flesh for emergencies.
Valethske religion is centered around the belief that hunters go to the Hall of the Dead after death. Valethske worship a female hero named Azreske and must undergo a ceremonial rite of passage known as the Ten Trials of Azreske when they come of age in order to become hunters.
Most Valetheske are unable to resist the lure of live prey and cannot control their bloodlust.
They resort to cannibalism, often as a means of execution.
Source: Doctor Who universe. The Valetheske name's was first briefly mentioned in 1998 in the Dry Pilgrimage, a novel by Paul Leonard and Nick Walters but the species itself, seen for the first time in 2001 in Superior Beings by Nick Walters.

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