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Krynoids are bulky, rootless mobile carnivorous plants covered in tentacles about 20 meters in diameter. Though they have a high tolerance to the cold, high temperatures can damage them. While they can sustain themselves through photosynthesis once they've acheived adult size, they require animal proteins while they are young, in order to mature.
They start as small pods about 20 centimetres in diameter. Most of which are launched into space in pairs by full grown parents. Once a pod reaches a planet and is exposed to both sunlight and temperate atmospheric conditions, it starts to grow. If a creature comes too close to it, it opens up and releases a long shoot, which grabs onto the victim and infects it, feeding from it and gowing on it. The krynoid will slowly take control of its victim's nervous system, controlling it and assimilating its memories, as it partially relies on its victim for its own sentience. Krynoids also have psychic powers, being able to control some vegetal lifeforms.
Given sufficient nurrishment, Krynoids can grows quickly, reaching the size of a house within hours. At this stage, they can control plants and will aggressively kill any creatures in their path. Reaching adult size, it will germinate, creating more pods to populate the planet. When to planet has been completely colonised, it will start shooting its pod into space.
Two Krynoid pods are known to have arrived on Earth in Antarctica, approximately 20,000 years ago and laid dormant until the 1970s, when discovered by a scientific expedition. One pod hatched after being thawed out by an ultraviolet lamp, and infected Charles Winlett, one of the Human scientists which had found it. The other one was brought to Chase Mansion, in Britain, the home of botanist Harrison Chase. Chase allowed the pod to infect one of his scientists, Arnold Keeler. This second Krynoid grew to gigantic size and developed a psychic link with Chase, who agreed with its belief that plants should be dominant over animals. The Krynoid was destroyed when UNIT bombed the mansion in an aerial attack.
Source: Doctor Who universe, The Seeds of Doom, Doctor Who Wikia.

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