samedi 1 août 2009


The Sentience is an alien powerful non-corporeal vampiric energivore lifeform of unknown origin. It is able to send out column of energy from its central point which can change shape to help interaction with its prey and facilitate feeding.
It is also able to possess corporeal lifeforms and set up a forcefield. At its most powerful, it can travel through time and space at great speeds.
The Sentience was trapped inside Earth as it formed, some 4.6 billions years ago. Except for a briIt laid dormant until 1968, when a radio telescope was built in Crook Marsham, UK, on top of where it was. This increase in both population and energy woke up the Sentience, and it started to feed on the town'S inhabitants. It was able to leave Earth and went to a supernova in the Andromeda Galaxy, but was trapped when it turned into a black hole.
Source: Doctor Who universe, Nightshade, (Novel by Mark Gatiss), Doctor Who Wikia.

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