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Planet of Origin: Xandar in the Trant system in the Andromeda Galaxy
The Xhandarians were a humanoid species closely ressembling humans which developed an highly advanced peaceful technological Constitutional monarchy. They have developed warp-drive starships, robots, cyborg, and cybernetic technology, energy weaponry, phase tube transportation technology, Stargate transportation technology and the soullinking technology known as the Worldmind.
They established the Nova Corps, a space militia and exploration division. It consisted of 500 soldiers ranging in rank from Corpsman up to Centurion and its leader, Centurion Nova Prime. The Corps also had a regiment of Syfon Warriors.
In the 1980ies, their planet was destroyed in the 1980ies during an attack by the Luphomoids. Xandarian civilization survived within the Xandar Cluster, an interconnected field of asteroids that housed the surviving domed cities of what was once the planet of Xandar.
The Nova Corps opened to more members and expanded its protective range to include the entire Andromeda Galaxy and Earth. They are also known as the Xandarian StarCorps. The Xandarian Queen, in the role of Prime Commandant, had ultimate authority of the Nova Corps.
They used an energy source called the Nova-Force, which all Nova Centurions wield and which came from the Worldmind, Xandar's primary source of knowledge, energy and power.
The Xandarians have preserved the minds of their deceased brothers and sisters, linking them together in the Worldmind, creating a governing system unlike any across the Universe. The Worldmind served as a Multiple Mind Democracy using the knowledge of it´s deceased citizens to make decisions for Xandar and the Nova corps.
The Worldmind contains and controls the Nova Force, the cosmic energy that provides the Nova Corps and its members with extraordinary abilities. Those abilities consist of the ability of flight, super strenght and a connection to the Worldmind itself. Those who are higher ranked in the Nova corps can tap into more powers such as the ability to open stargates, energy blasts and the release of a brief but devastating electromagnetic burst.
The Xandar Cluster withstood several failed invasions among them, one of the Skrulls, with whom they had previously maintained good terms (which allowed them to develop independantly within the Skrull's galaxy) but resisted until 2008 when they were wiped out , along with the Nova Corps by the Annihilation Wave.
The Worldmind managed to survive the destruction of the Cluster by downloading itself in the mind of the Corps's only survivor and later merged with the sentient wandering planet Ego.
Source: Marvel Universe, Fantastic Four #204 (1979)

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