lundi 10 août 2009


Planet of Origin: Planet Plant (Vegeta)
The Tuffles were a highly advanced technological race of humanoids. Despite their incredible technologies, the Tuffles were largely a docile race and held no aggression towards each other or other races, nor did they suffer from overpopulation.
At some point, Sayians made contact with them, brought to the planet by a spaceship after the destruction of their own world. Contact between the two culture was minimal for nearly a century. The Tuffles lived in their advanced cities in the more fertile areas of the Planet, while the Saiyans lived in tribes in the badlands.
Then, a Sayian leader declared war on the Tuffles with the intent of eradicating them. The Saiyans had greater strength but possessed far fewer numbers, while the more numerous Tuffles had a clear technological advantage. The war was brought to a sudden end by the occurance of a once in a century astronomical vent, the full moon. Its appearance transformed the entire Sayian race into their feral Great Ape forms and in a single night the Tuffles were annihilated. Taking what interested them of their technology the Saiyans established their own society amidst the ruins of the Tuffle civilization.
Source: Dragon Ball created by Akira Toriyama.

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