mardi 25 août 2009


Planet of Origin: Strontia in the Triangulum Galaxy
The Strontians are humanoids with a purplish skin pigmentation, which look externally a lot like humans. They possess exceptional cognitive abilities that allow them to achieve what ever they believe. This makes them potentially extremely powerful and invulnerable to most harm. Their abilities has been known to manifest itself in extreme cases in traits like superhuman strength allowing them to life several hundred tons, speed, reflexes, stamina; durability allowing them to withstand the blast of a supernova; heat vision stated as hotter than the heart of stars; frost breath and warpspeed flight capacities. Whatever their power's level, they remain vulnerable to a certain form of rare radiations.
They are a proud race of warriors who valued nothing above honor and duty. This made their fealty to the Shi'ar, under whose rule they live, was without question. While they possess an advanced civilisation, the extend of what they actually developed and what was brought to them by the Shi'ar remains unknown.
Source: Marvel Universe, the first strontian to appear in media was Gladiator of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard in X-Men #107 (1977) . His species was not presented though until War of Kings Warriors #1, 2009)

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