samedi 1 août 2009


The Khorlthochloi are an advanced species who developed a space faring civilisation and went extinct around a billion years ago.
They are said to have looked like gigantic mountain sized ebony giants with eyes of fire, to have been extremely long lived and to have guided the development of lesser species. They were believed to be quite powerful. Through the course of their evolution, they left their bodies to exist solely in the astral realm and created the Garden planet where their bodies were being cared for in suspended animation should they want ot come back to them. At some point, an astral threat forced them to return to their bodies but their nervous systems were so highly evolved and fragile that they rejected them andm unable to return to physicality, the Khorlthochloi were wiped out by their astral adversary. Their bodies degraded in time, spawning large cow-sized insects.
It is said that they tried to settle on Earth a billion years ago, but were somehow stopped.
Source: Doctor Who universe, first mentionned in2001 in (PDA: Superior Beings) , a novel by Nick Walters and in 2004 in (PDA: Synthespians™) a novel by Craig Hinton

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