lundi 21 septembre 2009


The only known contact between humanity and the parasites happened in 1998 in Herrington, Ohio when a colony of the species tries dot take over a highschool by infection and infiltration. How and from where did they arrive remains unknown.
They appeared as small aquatic creatures that remained in a 'hibernative' state when on land. However, once infesting a human body or within water, the parasite became very active. Their small 'teeth' were capable of cutting human flesh. It sprouted tentacle-like fins around its form to move around its environment which also were perhaps used to 'fuse' with the host. Hosts infected were nearly incapable of being distinguished from non-infected hosts but the parasites were vulnerable to certain drug compounds inhaled through the nostrils which hurt them greatly. Once inside the host, the tentacles would link to the hosts body extensively. They granted increased strength and the hosts were capable of extending some of these tentacles outside the body into the form of tongues. The hosts were also remarkably preserved by the parasites and even decapitation did not kill them or the host, with the limb chopped off being reconnected. They were also capable of sprouting tentacles to move across its environment.
The queen or mother organism organism was actually human sized and able to shape shift between its normal form and that of its host which it seemed to have completely sbsorbed. The mother organism possessed many tentacles that were very strong and was capable of 'spitting' out its 'offspring' to infect new hosts. As the queen and its offspring were linked, its death would destroy the race without any harm to the hosts.
SOurce: The Faculty (1998)

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