lundi 21 septembre 2009


Planet of Origin: Zanti
Zanti are Rodent-sized ant-like insectoid creatures who developed a peaceful space faring civilisation. They made contact with Earht in the 1960ies when they demanded that Earth be used as a penal colony for its misfits.Landing in a remote rural area of the planet Earth, these six-legged aliens broke out of their prison ship and began to attack the nearby population. These hostile little critters were convicted criminals from the planet Zanti whose civilization had rocketed them to our world to be destroyed. In the ensuing battle, these tiny but vicious criminals were stomped, and shot into extinction. The Zanti then sent a message of thanks to have done a task they could not do as their moral code prohibited them from killing their own kind.
Source: THE OUTER LIMITS/ABC/1963-65. "The Zanti Misfits"

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