samedi 19 septembre 2009


Planet of Origin: Rigel 3, in the Milky Way Galaxy
Rigellians are humnaoid species which developed an interstellar technocratic empire. Their leaders are generally elected due to their high intelligence. Their leader is known as the Grand Commissioner.
They are a humanoid species, looking much like humans with larger heads and a yellow skin tone. They possess psionic abilities which allow them to control others mentally or physicallyt. They can also mentally change their physical density at the speed of thought which allows them to resist any physical forces. They thrive to build an empire via colonization.
The Rigellians are skilled in robotics and have created a race of robotic lifeforms called the Recorders. The Recorders are generally used as scouts to explore new territory and report back to the Rigellians.
Their overall population is of 17.7 billions individuals.
They possess Advanced warp-drive starships, manipulation of subatomic particles, teleportation, robotics, ability to move planets via tractor beams and space warps.
Note: Although smaller, they otherwise look much like Ovoids.
Source: Marvel Universe: Thor #131 (1966)

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