lundi 21 septembre 2009


Planet of Origin: Vermes (18427000000 miles from Earth)
Green-brown, with slimy skin and large eyes, at rest, It looks like “an enormous egg balanced on its pointed end. It was as tall as a big boy and wider than the fattest man. The greenish-brown had a shiny wetish appearcance andthere were wrinkles in it. About three quarter up, in the widest part, there were two large round eyes as big as a teacup. These eyes were white, but each had a brilliant red pupil in the center.”
“the Vermicious knid can turn itself into any shape it wants. It has no bones. Its body is really one huge muslce, enormously strong, but very stretchy and sqwishy, like a mixture of rubber and putty with steel wires inisde. Normally, it is egg shaped but it can just easily give itself two legs like a human of four legs like a horse. It can become as round as a balll or as long as a kite-string. From fifty yeard away, a fully grown vermicious knid could stretch out its neck and bite your head without even getting up... Can be big as a whale, as long as a truck”
"They travel through space in great swarms, landing on other stars and planets and destroying everything they find. There to be some rather nice creature living on the Moon a long time ago. They were called Poozas. But the vermicious knids ate the lot. They did the same on Venus and Mars and many other planets."
Source : Rohald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, 1972

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