samedi 26 septembre 2009


The Gaizok is a gigantic organic alien computer of unknown origin able to travel through space . It is using a strikeforce of humanoid soldiers and giant robotic war machines to do its bidding. It was built react to negative emotions with the power to decide whether a negatively oriented lieforms has the right to live or not. Its excessive zele and severity made him destroy peaceful worlds such as Beal, some centuries ago, and, if it had not been stopped in the 1977, Earth.
As it described itself prior to itrs destruction: "... I was built to destroy all living when they start having bad thoughts against each other ..."
Gaizok leads a servant species of green skinned humanoids with long pointy ears. It remains unknown if this species was initially Gaizok's creators which are now being used by it, a subdued species to which it gave technology, hired mercenaries or a biologically engineered slave race.
Source: Source: [無敵超人ザンボット3] Muteki Chojin Zambot 3 (Zambot 3) - Sotsu Agency, Nagoya TV, Nippon Sunrise. More informations can be found on the fantastic site Encirobot (from which the pictures shown here are taken).

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