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The Great One is a unique spacebound being of immense psychic power He seeks out planets whose populations are threatened and offers them protection, converting both planet and population into brainwaves retained with his mind. As such, planets and its populations can exist in close proximity to other worlds without risk of physical (or other) damage. Beings within the Great One's mind are granted safety from outside influence as well as a sense of contentment. Further, as they are now a series of thought patterns, those within the Great One do not age.
The Great One's true form is a brain-like structure the size of a small moon which travels in the depths of space. It exists in a dream-like state, having little interaction with the outside world except when it adopts other planets. It is protected from outside attack by a virtually impenetrable shield which is generated by its autonomic nervous system. Within his mind, he is virtually all-powerful, though every object within the universe he creates is a part of his mind, and he can suffer brain damage from its destruction.
Within his mindscape he projects a mental construct of himself, presumably using a form matching that of each race he visits, though somewhat larger in stature.
The Great One died in 1991 after entering a coma following a fight with the Silver Surfer.
Source: Marvel Universe, Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer: Homecoming (1991) , Created by Jim Starlin and Bob Reinhold. (This text is based on the Marvunapp entry)

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