lundi 21 septembre 2009


The Puppet Masters are sentient stingray shaped exo-parasites which has somehow developed or most probably acquired space travel technology. Their forms are aerodynamic allowing them to glide through the air and use their tendril-like tongues, that can shoot out and pierce rocks, to aid them in movement. They could wrap their bodies and form a ball like shape where it would hibernate until a host would approach. They can reproduce without partners and transmit their genetic memory to their offspring.
Once arriving on a planet, Puppet Masters attempt to infiltrate the indigenous society. The initial infectees attempt to behave normally and trick new hosts into being infected by other parasites. This process of infiltration and implantation continue until the parasites dominate the environment.
Infection requires the parasites to attach themselves to the back of the host where a tongue-like tendril comes out the the creature's mouth and drill into the neck and two suckers take control of the host's nervous system. Once implanted by the parasite, the host serves as the creatures puppet and benefits from improved strength due to a stimulation of the adrenaline gland. They are also capable of taking far more punishment and damage from outside attacks then a normal human. Should the host be trapped or wounded, the parasite can abandon it and fly away. While the parasites work on a collective goal, they are individualistic and do not possess a hive-mind. Information is shared either verbally or chemically through 'feelers' on the back of the parasite which connect to the feelers of another parasite.
They are vulnerable to neurological diseases as their bodies were dominated by neural tissue.
Note: Apart from their shape, They are somewhat similar to the Goa'uld of SG-1.
Source: Puppet Masters film.

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