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Planet of Origin: Braah / Orestes, a planet on the outer fringes of the Mutter's Spiral of the Milky Way.
Ogrons are a humanoid species standing around 7 feet tall, with bowed legs, long arms and barrelled chests. Their face is flat, with a powerful jaw and small eyes. They are much stronger thant humans, their nervous systems are highly resistant to shock. Ogrons are relatively unintelligent, speak in simple sentences using subsonic frequencies and have obedient, stoic personalities.
The dominant lifeform on their home planet is the Ogron eater, a large orange blob-like creature that preys on Ogrons, yet is worshiped by them reverently. (DW: Frontier in Space)
Given their docile nature, Ogrons taken off the planet to be employed as mercenaries by different parties, among them, the Daleks and the Remote . On some Human worlds, Ogrons were employed as police officers, usually led by a mentally augmented leader. It has been said that they were only able to fly spacecraft via their powerful sense of mimicry.
Source: Doctor Who Universe, (DW: Day of the Daleks, Frontier in Space, BFA: Return of the Daleks), (EDA: Interference - Book One, Interference - Book Two)

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