dimanche 20 septembre 2009


It remains unclear if Tommyknockers are indeed an alien species or victims of an alien gas that turns individuals of other species into Tommyknocker creatures, drone like beings who instinctively follow some comportemental patterns, such as adapt existing technological material to fit Tommyknockers's needs and create new Tommyknockers. The nature of the gas, an alien tool or a lifeform of its own, remains unknown but its effects have been witnessed in the late twenthieth century in New England.
Upon exposure to an alien atmosphere, the gas is released through oxidation into the surrounding area. Initial exposure to small amounts of the gas results in any sentient creature mutating into a Tommyknocker, a process they refer to as "the becoming." Less advanced creatures are incapable of adapting to the gas and are subsequently killed off by it. The first stage begins with the person gaining the ability to improve (but not understand) the surrounding technology. As the amount of alien gas in the air increases, continued exposure results in the person undergoing drastic change as their teeth and hair fall out and their personalities become increasingly unstable. In the final stages, their skin fades to translucent, their blood congeals and turns green, sexual characteristics fade away, and they become incapable of surviving outside of the gas's influence. Likewise, any person entering the contaminated area during the final stages of the becoming will suffer physical damage similar to radiation poisoning and quickly die.
Tommykockers appear as humanoid creatures taller than a human due to abnormally long legs, feet that ended in a single over-sized claw each, and extended dog-like faces with gray translucent skin and milky colored eyes. Their species lacks any distinctive gender and also possesses telepathic abilities which they use to communicate with each other as well as read the minds of any who aren't like them. Yet despite their hive consciousness and their level of scientific skill, the Tommyknockers are little more than "cavemen from space," who are able to improve technology but not to create it or even harness it to its greatest capabilities. They also have the mentality of unruly children, cooperating only in the most dire circumstances and frequently turning on each other at the slightest provocation.
A Tommyknocker sapceship once crashlanded on Earth due to a fight that had broken out among its pilots. Cast in the shape of an immense flying saucer, the alien vessel was piloted by mental control and powered by the life force of lower-ranking Tommyknockers. The ship stayed burried for centuries until it was exposed to Earht's atmosphere and its gas was released, starting the Tommyknocker process.
Source: Stephen King's Tommykncockers.

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