mardi 22 septembre 2009


Planet of origin: Selay in the Beta Renner star system, in the Milky Way
Selays are carnivorous reptilians that developed a space faring civilisation as of the 23rd century. They resemble upright bipedal serpents with two arms.
They evolved in the same system as the Anticans and their civilisation developed as about the same pace, with a similar level of technology. They entered hostilities as soon as they discovered each other. After several decades of contained war and unconstrained hatred, both simultaneously applied for Federation membership in 2366 after having made contact with it in the early 24th century. Federation mediators were able to resolve the conflict and both inhabited worlds were added to the Federation.
Source: Star Trek (TNG: "Lonely Among Us")
Note: The Selay species was designed by Andrew Probert.

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