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PLanet of Origin: Pumor, the 6th planet orbiting Fomalhaut in the Milky Way Galaxy
A non-humanoid species, the Fomalhauti communicate through telepathy. They possess only a single eye, multiple tentacles, and
They look like giant amoebae, though they are multi-cellular, with a single eye and multiple tentacles and can breath underwater. They are about 2'5" high.
At some point in time, the Fomalhauti conquered the Banari, a water-breathing race whose male population was extinct. They placed them under their control using Skullhuggers, and also took their servants the Haab. The Fomalhauti have a population of 7.8 billion, with an average height of .
Source: Marvel Universe (Texte based on the Marvunapp entry) First Appearance: Giant-Size Defenders#3 (January, 1975) , Other appearances: Thor I#256-257 (February-March, 1977) ,
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